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What is an AquaPot®?

AquaPots® are an exceptional new concept in self-watering containers invented by Jack Barnwell, an award-winning landscape architect. Jack saw the need for gorgeous, self-watering containers for the variety of properties he services across the country from Mackinac Island, Michigan to Naples and Marco Island, Florida.  AquaPots® are handmade by skilled craftsmen using time-tested techniques and an old-world kiln that gives each piece its own special character. 


Benefits of AquaPots®:

  • The convenience of a self-watering pot with the beauty of high-quality, glazed ceramics.

  • An overflow valve ensures plants cannot be overwatered.

  • A cleaner look that can be enjoyed anywhere instead of needing to stay where plumbing is located.

  • Elimination of fertilizer leaching and runoff.

  • No more water ring stains on the lanai or pool deck.

  • Smaller AquaPots last at least a week between waterings; larger pots last up to one month.

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Benefits For You

  • No more unsightly tubing or relying on unreliable drip lines

  • No more slimy green stains on your beautiful tile!

  • One quarter of the water is used with AquaPots® vs. similar sized pots on drip irrigation.

  • Beautifully grown plants have continuous access to fertilizer-infused water.

  • Save time and headaches with watering, the overflow valve protects the fill level of the pot.

Also Offering...

  • Custom Boxes

    • Custom built to fit your space​

    • Custom powder coat in any color!

  • Retrofitted Pottery​

    • Already have some high quality pottery you love?​ We can retrofit almost any pot with our self-watering system!​​

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