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Partner & Designer

Jack Barnwell is an award winning garden designer, Landscape Architect, Author, and owner of C3 Gardens of Southwest Florida as well as Barnwell Landscape and Garden based on the small Northern Michigan island of Mackinac. As owner of Barnwell Landscape and Garden Inc., Jack has over twenty years of experience creating breathtaking commercial and private garden displays on one of the world’s premier summer vacation destinations. His newest venture with Partner, Tom Smith is already gaining recognition as one of the most exciting new companies in the Naples/ Marco Island area of Florida.

Barnwell Landscape and Garden is responsible for the annual planting and maintenance of thousands of flats of flowers. They handle complete landscape installations, and specialize in innovative annual displays in garden beds, containers, and window boxes. Because of the complete motor vehicle ban on Mackinac Island, all of Jack’s landscape construction must be done without the use of trucks and machinery. Plants and materials are brought to the Island by boat and moved on location by horse and bike power. Jack’s ability to embrace these circumstances and be inspired within this context contributes to the unique beauty of this rare gem of an island. Jack has taken this experience and customized it for the Southwest Florida climate and market. C3 Gardens also maintains many of their clients' plantings by bicycle as they have found that this not only provides a more efficient means of transport, but significantly decreases their impact on the environment.

His plantings received top honors at the Cincinnati Flower Show, taking home an award for Best in Show. Jack’s work has been featured in many publications, including Landscape Management Magazine. As a consultant for Proven Winners, Jack contributes to the design of beautiful gardens at prestigious commercial properties all over the United States.

Jack’s first book, An Introduction to the Gardens of Mackinac Island, was published in the spring of 2013. His second Book, The Gardens of Mackinac Island is a Hardcover gem featuring over 600 high quality photographs of stunning Mackinac Gardens. He is currently working on his third book, Container Garden Recipes for Porch, Pool, and Patio. This third book will read like a cookbook and include many of his favorite designs.

At the end of a long day, Jack, his wife Karen, and their sons Reed and River, enjoy watching the sun set, no matter which island they are on at the time...

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